Where To Buy Our Creations

Because You Won't Find This Stuff In Stores!

Not having a brick-and-morter location has both benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, we don't have to go to another place to work on projects and it keeps our minimum operating costs down. Yet we miss out on the casual public exposure from someone wandering in curious of what oddities we're hiding. One day we'd like to have a separate location people can stop by to shop and chat, but until then, please check out these online shops we try to maintain with as much as we can when we're not at a convention or event.


The more popular creations we make will be listed on Etsy and will change with the ebb and flow of public interest. We will also list collaborative creations with other artists to help support them as well.

Right Here!

We're currently working on building listing of our available crafts that will be here on our website. This will help us maintain a more current collection of what projects we are doing. There will also be special commission listings for those that want something personalized or custom created.


Currently Angela uses Storenvy to list numerous Perler bead creations she has made over the years. The collection keeps growing from people's requests and is only a sampling of the vast creations she's made.