Crowdfunding Project Now Live!

We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to assist with funding the financing of a laser cutter to expand our creative possibilities. Because of the flexible nature of our work, we are offering half your contribution as credit toward anything we make currently or in the future! For example, a $30 contribution nets $15 in credit that could pay for an etched glass with your choice of design and covers shipping!

Confirmed Event Schedule



Various Creations We Do

Etched Glasses

Permanent designs on a variety of glassware.


Various mediums come together for these hand-crafted 3D scenes.

Perler Sprites

Plastic beads melted to create an infinite variety of sprites and 3D creations.

Vinyl Decals

Weather-resistant designs for transfer onto surfaces such as glass, porcelain, or metal.

Clay Miniatures

Creatives scenes from the mind of our developing artist teenager.

Get In Touch

Since we don't have a brick-and-mortar location, the two best ways to reach us are via our Facebook Page or through this contact form. We monitor both regularly so responses can be prompt!